Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Strong together. Supply Chain Management by Arthur Flury AG secures safe, sustainable, efficient coordination of information flows over the long term, optimising total costs in the framework of your corporate strategy.

Taking the Arthur flury Code of Conduct into account, Supply Chain Management assures compliance with management processes from the raw materials suppliers to the customers.

Code of conduct



The Logistics Department of Arthur Flury AG organises the complexity of the task of providing the right good, at the right time in the right quantity, in the right condition at the right place.

Employees, working with navigation and IT-systems provide central and valuable support. Our Logistics Department has an operating area of 670 square meters. A highlight of the logistics systems is the impressive high-bay warehouse. Products and semi-finished goods are stored on 500 shelf boards with space for 344 pallets. Thanks to this system, Arthur Flury AG is able to prepare and ship orders efficiently and quickly at any time.

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The procurement of Arthur Flury AG guarantees a long-term security, total cost optimal and efficient supply of goods to be procured in accordance of the purchasing strategy.

Periodical audits and benchmarks guarantee the compliance with our company’s philosophy. Clever pooling of supplier resources in Switzerland and in foreign countries ensure a cost effective procurement process.


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