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About us

We are an internationally active company, specialized in the design and manufacture of components for overhead contact lines, earthling, lightning protection for buildings and coupling material for power lines and cables. With our distribution network of more than 40 agencies worldwide, we are your expert partner for all needs in the technique of electrical connections.

With our long-time experience, a modern manufacture and a contemporary management system, we grant for highest quality of our products and services. The maintenance of the manufacture, the development and the management on the site Deitingen/SO is our commitment to the activity area Switzerland.


Market Position

By directing its effort consistently towards four complementary product lines, Arthur Flury AG has penetrated significant sectors of the market, both at home and abroad.


Our expertise

Arthur Flury AG is specialised in the development and manufacture of electrical coupling and fastening components.



Arthur Flury AG has a modern, high-performance machine shop at its disposal


Supply Chain Management

Strong together. Supply Chain Management by Arthur Flury AG secures safe, sustainable, efficient coordination of information flows over the long term, optimising total costs in the framework of your corporate strategy.



The primary aim of Arthur Flury AG is to develop products and services that meet high quality standard .



Arthur Flury AG develops and produces with a high degree of engineering skill. We sell our products world-wide and communicate when possible in the language of our customers. Interested and ready for a new challenge?


Corporation and security policy

We place our customers' needs with respect to the quality of our products at the heart of our work and strive to satisfy them efficiently and quickly with the least administrative cost and effort possible.

The high quality of our products and services allows us to build up a long-term partnership with our customers. Sustainable use of resources is a long-term investment in the future of our society and our company.

All our actions rest on the endeavour to both meet our customers' needs and protect the environment and the well-being of our employees while continuing to develop economically.

Our efficient planning not only ensures quality that does justice to our customers, but also saves costs by avoiding mistakes, preventing environmental pollution, and developing our products and processes in tune with the market, the environment, and safety needs.

We comply with applicable laws and regulations, meet technical standards and run a preventative organisation with the goal of protecting employees, the environment and Society as well as to avoid or reduce damage.

All processes are periodically reviewed from technical, economical, ecological and safety perspectives and are continuously improved.

Corporate and security policy