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Railway Technology

With many years of experience in railway technology, we manufacture quality products for modern overhead contact line construction. Regional and national railway organizations worldwide trust in our reliable products. In addition to our broad product portfolio, we offer our customers services and support for a successful project implementation.

Earthing and lightning protection systems

Arthur Flury AG concentrates on the manufacture of H-class tested quality products. These products for earthing lightning protection equipotential bonding and overvoltage protection, guarantee the protection of a professionally installed lightning protection earthing system without restrictions in all lightning protection classes.


Fall protection system

The new fall protection system of Arthur Flury AG extends the holistic protection of people against falls. The products meet the state of the art at the highest level. To ensure that your fall arrest system is protected against lightning strikes, we are happy to advise you regarding the integration of our lightning protection and rope systems.

Power distribution technology

The quality products for overhead line construction guarantee reliability over generations, even under the harshest weather conditions.