Multiple socket outlet CSCH - Type 3

Type: CSCH

Equipment protection devices for the 230 Volt hedge. Varistor and gas tube technology. The equipments CS HF have an additional high-frequency interference filter, which takes low-energy disturbances of the network. During overcharge the varistors will be cut off and the indicator light extinguishes. The supply voltage persists.
Number of plugs

Item numberE-NumberNominal voltage UnFilterNominal discharge currentMax. discharge currentResponse timeProtection levelRemark  
296.060.004986 690 107230VAC310<20<0.94 
296.060.006986 740 107230VAC310<20<0.96 
296.060.010986 820 107230VAC310<20<0.910 
296.060.104986 690 207230VAC0.1-30310<20<0.94 
296.060.106986 740 207230VAC0.1-30310<20<0.96 
296.060.110986 820 207230VAC0.1-30310<20<0.910