Telephone protection B 180 / B 280 - Type 3

Type: B 180 / B 280

Citel B 180 and B 280 surge protectors have been designed to protect your single and dual telephone and data lines against harmful lightning surges and electrical transients. The two-staged protection circuit consists of a combination of powerful gas-tube technology and fast switching diodes. These compact boxes are designed for wall mounting and screw connection.

Item numberE-NumberApplications with interfaceNominal voltage UnMax. operation voltageNominal discharge currentMax. discharge currentProtection levelNumber of wires  
296.072.364970 513 003ADSL4853520<70V1x2 
296.072.366970 514 003ISDN150170520<220V1x2 
296.072.774970 523 003ADSL4853520<70V2x2 
296.072.776970 524 003ISDN150170520<220V2x2